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I had a question. Why me?

My Black Friday Book by Shawn C. KellyHow could this happen to me? Was I alone? No one could know what I was going through and how I felt.

Have you ever felt hopeless, alone, and empty? Have you ever felt that there was no way out? Have you thought that you had messed things up so badly that there was no way to make sense of it?

I have asked all those questions and so many more. I had lost all meaning and purpose in my life. I was on a path of self-destruction and killing myself from the inside, out. I was out of control and no one could stop me. However, this was not the end, just the beginning. This is a story of how I had to lose everything…to gain everything!

I had to die twice to finally see things clearly for the first time in my crazy life. I challenge you to read my story. My prayer is that you find hope, meaning and purpose in your life through the only one that can truly free you from any hurt, brokenness, or addiction you may be struggling with.

People ask me all the time what the answer is; how did I do it? It is simple, and yet we make it so complicated…

Put God in the center of your life, and no matter where you or what you’re struggling with, God can and will restore your life!

Shawn C. Kelly is the Author of, "My Black Friday"Shawn C. Kelly is the President and founder of
Hope Recovery Center, Inc. in Corona, California.

Shawn has an amazing story of restoration, recovery and following a dream.  A dream that was given to Shawn by God.  God has saved Shawn from a life of destruction.

READMORENow Shawn is giving back through his perseverance, radical obedience, faith and the confidence that God can change lives. Hope Recovery Center’s mission is to help people find hope and their purpose in life through the power of Jesus Christ. 

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